New Automotive High-Speed CAN Bus Transceiver with Data Rates up to 5Mbps

Published  December 13, 2021   0
L Lakshita
SCM3425ASA CAN Bus Transceiver

MORNSUN has launched the new SCM3425ASA CAN transceiver modules that feature high electromagnetic immunity, low electromagnetic emissions, and meet the AEC-Q100 standard for the automotive industry. This CAN bus transceiver can be widely used in automotive electronics, IoT, industrial electronics, etc.

With an input voltage range of -42VDC to +42VDC, this transceiver support CANFD and features over-temperature protection. It has a strong load capacity, allowing up to 110 load nodes, and is compatible with the “ISO 11898” standard fully.

Key Features

  • Meet AEC-Q100 automobile standard
  • High-speed CAN, support CANFD and data rates up to 5Mbps
  • High electromagnetic immunity, low electromagnetic emissions
  • 5V power supply, 3.0-5.5V IO interface
  • Strong load capacity, allowing up to 110 load nodes
  • Compatible with the “ISO 11898” standard fully