New 1500V In-Line Solar Fuses Rated between 25 to 32 Amps for Single Case Design


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Solar SPXI In-Line String Fuses

Littelfuse has expanded its SPXI series in-line 1500VDC solar fuses with new 35 to 60 amperage models that were designed to be integrated into in-line assemblies within a wire harness. The new solar fuses protect photovoltaic (PV) installations from overloads and short circuits to avoid damages in the solar panels. You can check the SPXI series datasheet to check the different models and current ratings.

Features of solar SPXI in-line string fuses

  • A single body case design to increase reliability and simplify retrofitting within existing solar power systems
  • UL Recognized to UL248-19 standard, with 50 kA DC interrupting rating
  • Product labels with QR codes offering real-time access to part numbers, voltage, programming terms, and date codes to save time with product replacements and inventorying

The fuse provides photovoltaic (PV) protection that meets UL 248-19 for photovoltaic applications. The SPXI can be electrically insulated by either over-molding or using heat-shrink. These fuses are best suitable for applications such as Photovoltaic high-capacity homerun, truck harness, and wire harness. 

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