ML-based Radar Detection Software with Infineon AURIX™ TC4x MCUs Increases Accuracy and Safety of ADAS and AD Applications

Published  September 13, 2022   0
L Lakshita
ML-based Radar Detection Software

TERAKI has launched the new radar detection software that accurately identifies static and moving objects with increased accuracy and less computational power. This real traffic solution runs on ASIL-D compliant AURIX™ TC4x microcontrollers from Infineon Technologies AG. With this release, TERAKI is improving the chipset architecture of edge devices, ensuring real-time processing performance on AURIX TC4x, which alleviates the computing requirements by consuming 4- or 5-bit bitrates instead of 8- or 32-bits without compromising the F1-scores. This leads to up to 2 times less memory required.

Ported with Infineon’s AURIX TC4x, TERAKI’s ML-based algorithm reduces radar signals after the first Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT), achieving up to 25 times lower error rates of missing objects at the same RAM/fps. Compared to CFAR, classification is up to 20 percent higher in precision, and valid detections increase to 15 percent more.