MasterGaN2: 600V Half Bridge Driver with Two Enhancement Mode GaN HEMT for High-Efficiency Power Topologies

Published  January 8, 2021   0
MasterGaN2 600V Half Bridge Driver from STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics has released MasterGaN2, an asymmetric half-bridge pair of power GaN transistors in a small 9mm x 9mm x 1mm GQFN package. This new device includes driver and protection circuits and delivers an integrated GaN solution suited to soft-switching and active-rectification converter topologies.  The integrated power GaNs have 650 V drain-source breakdown voltage and RDS(ON) of 150 mΩ and 225 mΩ for low side and high side respectively.

The MasterGaN2 features UVLO protection on both the lower and upper driving sections, preventing the power switches from operating in low efficiency or dangerous conditions, and the interlocking function avoids cross-conduction conditions. The input pins extended range allows easy interfacing with microcontrollers, DSP units, or Hall Effect sensors. The device operates in the industrial temperature range from -40°C to 125°C. It is available in a compact 9x9 mm QFN package. The built-in protection comprises low-side and high-side under-voltage lockout (UVLO), gate-driver interlocks, a dedicated shutdown pin, and over-temperature protection. 

The two transistors are combined with an optimized gate driver making GaN technology as easy to use as ordinary silicon devices. By combining advanced integration with GaN’s inherent performance advantages, MasterGaN2 further extends the efficiency gains, size reduction, and weight savings of topologies such as active clamp flyback.

Key Features of MasterGaN2

  • 600 V system-in-package integrating half-bridge gate driver and high-voltage GaN power transistors
  • RDS(ON) = 150 mΩ (LS) + 225 mΩ (HS)
  • IDS(MAX) = 10 A (LS) + 6.5 A (HS)
  • Reverse current capability
  • Zero reverse recovery loss
  • UVLO protection on low-side and high-side
  • 3.3 V to 15 V compatible inputs with hysteresis and pull-down
  • Dedicated pin for shutdown functionality

MasterGaN2 is in production now, priced from $6.50 for orders of 1000 pieces.