Making History: Agnibaan Takes Flight with World's First 3D Printed Rocket Engine

Published  May 31, 2024   0
S Staff

Indian space startup AgniKul Cosmos has successfully launched India’s first semi-cryogenic rocket Agnibaan SOrTeD, powered by the world’s first fully 3D-printed engine. Back in 2020, we covered a story on Agnikul building India's first Smallsat Rocket, today the company has launched its first rocket Agnibaan into space.  The Agnibaan was launched from India’s first-ever private launchpad located at Sreeharikota. Agnibaan is a customizable two-stage launch vehicle capable of attaining orbit at a height of 700 kilometers with a maximum payload of 300 kilograms. Agnibaan is capable of accessing both low and high-inclination orbits.

3D Rocket Engine

Agnibban is user-customisable with the option for selecting 4,5,6 or 7 engines for the first stage and an optional third baby stage for particular missions. If we come to the engine the Agnibaan is powered by the world’s first single-piece, 3D-printed semi-cryogenic engine - Agnilet. With each Agnilet engine capable of providing more than 3KN of thrust, the Agnibaan is capable of providing a maximum thrust of up to 25KN and a sea level Isp of 285 seconds, with its first stage powered by 7 Agnilet engines. While weighing only 14000kg with a height of 18 meters and a diameter of 1.3 meters,  Agnibaan was built keeping in mind the capability to launch from multiple launch pads across the world. You can find more information about Agnibaan on Agnikul Cosmos’s official site.