LS-R3 series of Compact AC/DC Flyback Converter Allows Optimization for Personalized Applications


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MORNSUN’s LS-R3 Series AC/DC Flyback Converter

The flyback converter is the most common AC/DC power supply that is integrated into the IC along with few peripheral components to build a power supply that has the general functions with just adding a suitable transformer. But the engineers are always puzzled to balance the design cycle, cost, reliability, ease of use, dimensions, performance, and personalization of power supply. The MORNSUN’s newest AC/DC converter “LS-R3” series solves this puzzle and help the engineers to optimize the device for personalized and differentiated needs.

The MORNSUN’s 1-15W LS-R3 series cuts down the design cost by simplifying peripheral circuits, manufacturing cost by automated manufacturing process, and time cost by offering countless power supply applications and one to one support services. By adopting different peripheral circuits, LS-R3 can be used in almost all applications including low-cost consumer products and even high-end power for the extremely harsh outdoor environment.

To meet the customers' need for applications in smaller dimensions, the LS-R3 series removed all redundant designs, compacted the circuit layout, replaced the terminal, and designed the transformer according to the power section, this reduced the dimension (28*14.73*11mm) about 43%. The new series of converters are proven to be more reliable compared to the flyback converters.

The LS-R3 series has a wide input voltage range of 85-305VAC and low static power consumption of 0.1W, this meets the global and universal voltage requirements and the six-level energy efficiency, hence it is suitable to be used in many industries with high power consumption requirements. It can work with a full load at -40°C ultra low-temperature environment and 50% load at +85°C high temperature. The series includes LS03-13BxxR3, LS05-13BxxR3, and LS10-13BxxR3, to know more about the product, visit the link.

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