Low Power SMD Proximity Sensor from Vishay for Consumer and Industrial Applications

Published  January 17, 2020   0
VCNL36821S and VCNL36826S - Low Power SMD Proximity Sensors

The Optoelectronics group of Vishay Intertechnology has introduced two new fully integrated proximity sensors namely VCNL36821S and VCNL36826S. Each sensor features an IR emitter and a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) respectively. The device combines a photodiode, signal processing IC, and 12-bit ADC in a compact 2.55 mm by 2.05 mm by 1.0 mm surface-mount package. These proximity sensors are designed to increase efficiency and performance in consumer and industrial applications.

Compared to previous-generation devices, the new proximity sensors are designed with smaller packages and are available at a lower cost, hence they are ideal for space-constrained battery-powered applications, such as detecting if users are wearing or not wearing earphones or virtual reality / augmented reality (VR / AR) headsets. The VCNL36821S and VCNL36826S feature low power consumption down to 6 µA to increase efficiency in these applications. They can also provide collision detection in toys and consumer and industrial robots with a range of 300 mm.

The devices support the I2C bus communication interface for easy access to the proximity signal, while their programmable interrupt function allows designers to specify high and low thresholds to reduce the continuous communication with the microcontroller. The proximity sensors eliminate crosstalk by using intelligent cancellation and ensure accurate sensing and faster response time with a smart persistence scheme. The IRED and VCSEL wavelengths peak at 940 nm and have no visible “red-tail.”

The VCNL36821S and VCNL36826S offer excellent temperature compensation from -40 °C to +85 °C, and a Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) of 3 — in accordance with J-STD-020 — for a floor life of 168 hours. The sensors are RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay Green. For more information about VCNL36821S and VCNL36826S, visit the official website of Vishay Intertechnology.