Low Power Dual Channel Digital Isolators to Protect Electronic Subsystems from Noise and High Voltages


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SCM37xxA - Dual Channel Digital Isolator IC

MORNSUN has introduced a new series of dual-channel digital isolator IC called SCM37xxA that can insulate the electronic subsystems interacting with each other during data transmission. These isolators can protect the subsystems from noise and high voltages so that they can be widely used in the medical, industrial, civil, and military industries. The new isolator IC operates on low power with only 0.55mA/channel power consumption and provides a high insulation voltage up to 3000Vrms. The SCM37xxA is designed with CMOS technology and utilizes the principle of the capacitor voltage divider so that the voltage signal can be accurately transmitted across the isolator capacitor without signal modulation and demodulation.

The SCM37xxA is superior to optocouplers and other digital isolators in performance and reliability. The devices have 2 transmission channels that are separated and equipped with multiple transmission direction and 150Kbps/10Mbps transmission rate versions. When the input power is not supplied or there is no input signal, and the output power is normal, the isolator output is in the defaulted electronic level.

Features of SCM37xxA

  • 3V to 5.5V working voltage and 3V to 5.5V level translation
  • High common-mode transient immunity: 150 kV/µs (typical)
  • High robustness to radiated and conducted noise
  • High ESD rating
  • Isolation voltages: 3000Vrms
  • High data rate : 10Mbps/ 150Kbps
  • Transmission delay below 12.5ns
  • Pulse width distortion less than 0.8ns
  • Ultra-low power consumption 0.55mA/Channel(150Kbps),0.58mA/channel(Mbps)
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40°C ~125°C

The SCM37xxA has CMTI up to 150kV/us, which effectively isolates common-mode noise. They are designed with Enhanced ESD protection, HBM up tp ±8kV, and delivers excellent resistance to electrical noise and magnetic interference. These devices can easily replace various other digital isolators without any modifications, and they can configure low-speed and high-speed versions to reduce cost problems caused by customer redundant designs. 

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