Long-Term Stable Particulate Matter (PM) Sensor from Sensirion


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Long-Term Stable Particulate Matter (PM) Sensor SPS30

Sensirion presents its long-term stable PM sensor SPS30 at IoTE 2018. Based on the innovative contamination-resistance technology, SPS30 works on the principle of laser scattering which ensure greater accuracy. Together with high-quality and long-lasting components, it enables accurate measurements from its first operation to throughout its lifetime of more than eight years.


The advanced algorithms provide superior accuracy for different sizes of particulate matters and higher-resolution particle size binning, hence offering detection of wide range of environmental dust and other particles. Moreover, with its compact size of just 41x41x12 mm3, it could be a good choice for air quality monitors which needs smaller size, such as wall mounting devices.


Generally the optical PM sensors suffer from contamination, which causes output degradation over the period. Contamination results from continued dust and particle accumulation on the sensor’s optical components, which further leads to malfunctioning and inaccurate measurements. Sensirion’s proprietary contamination-resistance technology protects the SPS30 from accumulation of dust inside and provides high accuracy with a long-term stability, a lifetime of more than eight years in continuous mode operating 24 hours/day.

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