Isolated RS-485 Module Transceiver with Power for Industry 4.0


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Isolated RS-485 Module Transceiver with Power for Industry 4.0

Maxim’s new isolated RS-485 module transceiver with power - MAXM22511 simplifies and shrinks the design of field bus communications systems for factory automation, motor control and other industrial internet of things (IoT) applications.


In order to actively monitor and communicate real-time health and status information required in automated factories, the factory subsystems demand field bus communications systems that meet stringent size and power efficiency requirements while supporting operations in noisy industrial environments. The MAXM22511 addresses these challenges while simplifying field bus communications system designs. The highly integrated module accomplishes this by eliminating the need for discrete digital isolators, transceivers, transformers and transformer drivers while also reducing bill of material costs.


The MAXM22511 supports 25Mbps data rates while providing 60 percent DC-DC efficiency and ±35kV electrostatic discharge protection. The module is available in a land grid array (LGA) package with 9.35mm x 11.5mm dimensions.

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