INN3x78C - New Family of Offline CV/CC Flyback Converter ICs with Efficiency up to 94%


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INN3x78C - New Family of Offline CV/CC Flyback Converter ICs

Power integrations have expanded its InnoSwitch 3 families with the introduction of the new INN3x78C devices, a new family of offline CV/CC flyback switcher ICs. The new devices incorporated a smaller size-8 750V PowiGaN transistor that enables a compact and efficient power supply between 27W and 55W without a heat sink. The PowiGan technology can deliver efficiency up to 94% across line and load and they are extremely robust, hence they are highly resistant against line surges and swells commonly seen in unstable mains voltage.

The INN3x78C ICs are housed in the high creepage, safe-compliant InSOP-24D package and target up to 120W. These new devices can be used in applications like USB PD and high-current chargers/adapters for mobile devices, as well as set-top boxes, displays, networking, and gaming products and appliances – especially those aiming to comply with the planned European Energy Labelling Regulation.

Power Integrations’ new InnoSwitch3 ICs are available now with InnoSwitch3-CP and InnoSwitch3-EP priced at $2.95 in 10,000 quantities, and InnoSwitch3-Pro priced at $3.25 in 10,000 quantities. For more information, visit the InnoSwitch3 Product Page.

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