Infineon’s New PSoCEdge Family of Products Brings High-Performance Power-Efficient Machine Learning to the Edge

Published  November 8, 2023   0
S Staff
Infineon’s New PSoCEdge

Infineon Technologies has announced an expansion to their lineup of microcontrollers with the new PSoC Edge series., designed to empower edge devices with advanced machine learning capabilities. This latest suite of products from Infineon leverages high-performance, low-power Arm Cortex technology to enable responsive compute and control applications. With hardware-assisted machine learning acceleration, these microcontrollers are crafted to revolutionize user experiences by making devices more intuitive and context-aware, while also ensuring robust security and privacy via the integrated Infineon Edge Protect features. Steve Tateosian, Infineon's Senior Vice President of Microcontrollers, shared that the PSoC Edge series reflects the company's deep-rooted expertise in delivering powerful, user-friendly MCU-based systems. The new series offers a sophisticated balance of scalable power and performance to address AI/ML demands, extensive human-machine interface capabilities, and the security measures necessary for the next wave of technological applications. The PSoC Edge family is supported by an expansive ecosystem that includes comprehensive software and tools, ensuring versatility and ease of use for developers.

The PSoC Edge microcontrollers are built with cutting-edge processors such as the Arm Cortex-M55 with Helium DSP enhancements, paired with the Arm Ethos-U55, and the Cortex-M33 in conjunction with Infineon's proprietary NNLite accelerator. These features make the devices suitable for 'always-on' applications across various sectors, including IoT and industrial markets. With substantial on-chip memories and external memory support, the PSoC Edge family is designed for scalability and software portability. Infineon also provides developers with a rich set of enablement tools, including the industry-standard ModusToolbox software and Imagimob Studio AI integration, streamlining development and accelerating time-to-market for new products.