Infineon and Eatron Collaborate to Revolutionize Automotive Battery Management

Published  November 2, 2023   0
S Staff
 Infineon's AURIX TC4x microcontroller (MCU)

Infineon Technologies AG, based in Munich, Germany, has entered into a strategic partnership with Eatron Technologies, headquartered in Warwick, UK, aimed at advancing automotive battery management systems (BMS). This collaboration is focused on harnessing advanced machine learning solutions and algorithms within Infineon's AURIX TC4x microcontroller (MCU). By leveraging the MCU's state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities and integrated parallel processing unit (PPU), Eatron aims to enhance the performance and accuracy of its AI-powered battery management software. Together, the two companies are addressing critical challenges in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, including range anxiety, charging speed, and battery health.

The partnership empowers Eatron to offer AI-based battery diagnostics, such as lithium plating detection, state of health (SoH) assessment, aging trajectory prediction, and remaining useful life (RUL) estimation at the edge. Eatron's software, combined with its market-leading state of everything (SoX) solution, enables precise cell-level estimation of available charge, power, and battery health. The AURIX TC4x family's PPU, featuring a single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) vector digital signal processor (DSP) on-chip, significantly accelerates computation compared to traditional CPUs. Infineon also provides an automated toolchain within its ecosystem, facilitating the conversion of existing models into vectorized code for greater efficiency.

Thomas Boehm, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Microcontroller Automotive at Infineon, expressed pride in the AURIX TC4x family's potential to overcome computing limitations, enabling customers to maximize the value of high-precision models and algorithms. The partnership reflects the growing momentum in the field of battery management systems (BMS) within the electromobility industry, marking a significant step forward in addressing EV challenges. Infineon and Eatron are dedicated to providing outstanding hardware and collaborative solutions for this expanding market.