Highly Robust and Efficient IGBT Gate Driver with Automotive Qualification

Published  January 16, 2020   0
SID1181KQ - IGBT Gate Driver with Automotive Qualification

Power Integrations has introduced the AEC-Q100 automotive-qualified SID1181KQ SCALE-iDriver gate driver for 750 V-rated IGBTs. The new driver IC is compact, efficient and highly robust, and it uses high-speed FluxLink communication technology to ensure system safety in various critical conditions. The FluxLink communication technology replaces the Optocouplers and capacitive or silicon-based inductively coupled solutions. This improves the reliability and isolation capability of the driver IC.

The SCALE-iDriver devices also include protection features such as desaturation monitoring, primary and secondary Undervoltage Lock-out (UVLO), and Advanced Soft Shut Down (ASSD) that protect the switch during short-circuit turn-off. The ICs minimize the number of external components required, eliminating tantalum and electrolytic capacitors and simplifying the isolated power supply, requiring only one transformer secondary winding. A simple two-layer PCB can be used, further increasing design simplicity and easy supply-chain management.

Power Integrations’ AEC-Q100-qualified SCALE-iDriver SID1181KQ gate drivers are available now priced at $4.81 in 10,000-piece quantities. For more information about the SCALE-iDriver ICs, visit the official website of Power Integrations.