High Voltage Dual Channel Switch (IPDs) with Standalone System Protection for Automotive ECU’s


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BV2Hx045EFU-C - Automotive Grade Intelligent Power Device

ROHM has introduced a new Automotive Grade Intelligent Power Device (IPD) named BV2Hx045EFU-C. This new family of 41V dual-channel output high side switches/IPDs are optimized for automotive ECUs in transmission control, engine control, and other vehicle systems. The Intelligent Power Devices (IPDs) are semiconductor devices that are used instead of fuses for protecting electronic circuits from breakdown, they can do this without degrading or breaking down, making it possible to achieve maintenance-free systems.

As the technologies develop, the need for their protection in the automotive field also increased, using a fuse for protection raised issues related to maintenance and degradation caused by aging after the fuse melts, calling for increased adoption of IPDs. The IPDs can offer standalone over current protection to improve reliability, they are compatible with a variety of ECUs and they can significantly reduce the number of parts.

The new BV2Hx045EFU-C is the industry’s first high-side IPDs capable of providing standalone protection against overcurrent by incorporating an original overcurrent protection function. The new series can protect the system against both inrush and steady-state overcurrent, ensuring greater system safety by providing a high-reliability solution with fewer parts compared to conventional products. Additionally, the overcurrent protection range can be adjusted with external components to enable broad compatibility.

These IPDs can be used in applications such as ECUs, Transmission Control Units, Idle-stop Control Units, Automotive Lamps, Hydraulic Suspension Control Units, and Anti-Lock Braking Systems. In addition, as the semiconductor switches do not generate sound during switching, they can be used for a wide variety of relay applications. For more details about BV2Hx045EFU-C, visit the official website of ROHM.

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