High Reliability, Cost Effective DC-DC Buck Converters for Portable Devices


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Mornsun DC-DC Buck Converters

MORNSUN has introduced the latest SCM13xxA series DC/DC Buck IC namely SCM1301ATA and SCM1316AFA. They are equipped with the internal soft-start and compensation circuits along with the over-current, short circuit and over thermal protection. Due to their high reliability and cost-effectiveness with a wide input voltage range of 4.5V to 40V, they are best suitable for a wide range of intelligent instruments, car chargers, rechargeable portable devices, and industrial distributed power applications.

Features of SCM1301ATA IC

  • Input range 4.5V to 40V with 45V transients.
  • Output current up to 1A.
  • 0.7 MHz Switching frequency
  • Operated Junction Temperature: -40 to +125°C
  • Ultra-low shutdown current as low as 1.6µA
  • The small external components help to achieve low output ripple voltage

Features of SCM1316AFA IC

  • The wide input range of 7V to 38V
  • Output Voltage range of 1V to 25V
  • Output Current up to 6A
  • Operated Junction Temperature: -40 to +125°C
  • Excellent Linearity and load adjustment capability
  • Dual-Channel CC/CV mode Control

More information about the converters along with typical application circuits and datasheets of SCM1301A and SCM1316 DC/DC Converter can be found on the product page of Mornsun.

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