High Power 600V Superjunction MOSFET from Infineon for Low Frequency Application


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CoolMOS S7 600V Superjunction MOSFET

Infineon Technologies has introduced the 600V, CoolMOS S7 product family for power density and energy efficiency in applications where MOSFETs are switched at a low frequency. The product family was developed to minimize conduction losses and ensure the fastest response time together with increased efficiency for low-frequency switching applications. The RDS (on) x A delivered by CoolMOS S7 devices is very less when compared with the CoolMOS 7, this successfully trade-off switching losses for lower on-resistance and lower cost

Features of 600V CoolMOS S7 product family

  • Best-in-class RDS (on) in SMD packages
  • Best super junction MOSFET RDS(on)
  • Optimized for conduction performance
  • Improved thermal resistance
  • High pulse current capability
  • Body diode robustness at AC line commutation

The devices are designed to fit the 10mΩ chip into an innovative top side cooled QDPAK and the 22mΩ chip into a state-of-the-art small TO-leadless (TOLL) SMD package. These MOSFETS enable cost-effective, simple, compact, and modular high-efficiency designs, hence they can be used in applications active bridge rectification, inverter stages, PLCs, Power solid-state relays, and solid-state circuit breakers.

Systems can easily meet regulations and energy efficiency certification standards (i.e., Titanium for SMPS) as well as fulfill power budgets and reduce part count, heat sinks, and total cost of ownership (TCO). 

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