High-Performance Full Silicon Carbide MOSFET Module Solutions for Charging Electric Vehicles

Published  June 8, 2021   0
Silicon Carbide MOSFET Module Solutions

Enhancing the range of products suitable for the EV market, On Semiconductor has released a pair of new 1200 V full silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET 2-PACK modules. Configured as a 2-PACK half-bridge, the NXH010P120MNF1 module is a 10 mohm module that comes housed in an F1 package and the NXH006P120MNF2 module is a 6 mohm module that comes in an F2 package. Suitable for driving voltage in the range of 18-20 V, these new devices are simple to drive with negative gate voltages. 

The packages of these new modules feature press-fit pins making them ideal for industrial applications and an embedded negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor facilitates temperature monitoring. The new SiC MOSFET modules can work alongside driver solutions like NCD5700x devices.

The new modules and gate driver complement the company’s SiC MOSFETs and provide superior switching performance and enhanced thermals. This ensures improved efficiency, greater power density, improved electromagnetic interference (EMI), and reduced system size and weight. ON Semiconductor will showcase SiC solutions for industrial applications as well as presenting exhibitor seminars about the company’s solutions for off-board EV-charging at APEC 2021.

Features of NXH010P120MNF1 and NXH006P120MNF2 SiC MOSFETs

  • 6 m /1200 V SiC MOSFET Half−bridge
  • Thermistor
  • Options with Pre−applied Thermal Interface Material (TIM) and without Pre−applied TIM
  • Recommended gate voltage 18V - 20V
  • Low thermal resistance
  • NXH010P120MNF1 comes with press-Fit Pins
  • NXH006P120MNF2 Comes with solderable pins as well as press-fit pins