High Performance 750V SiC FETs to Accelerate Power Gains in Charging and Energy Storage Applications


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UJ4C SiC FET Series by UnitedSiC

UnitedSiC has launched four new devices under its UJ4C SiC FET series based on advanced Gen 4 technology. These 750V SiC FETs enable new performance levels, improve cost-effectiveness, heat efficiency, and design headroom. The new FETs are suitable to be used in high-growth power applications across automotive, industrial charging, telecom rectifiers, datacenter PFC, and DC-DC conversion, and renewable energy and energy storage.

These fourth-generation SiC FETs deliver high FoMs with reduced on-resistance per unit area and low intrinsic capacitance. The Gen 4 FETs exhibit the lowest RDS (on) x EOSS (mohm-uJ), thereby lowering turn-on and turn-off loss in hard-switching applications. On the other hand, in soft-switching applications, the low RDS (on) x Coss(tr) (mohm-nF) specification of these FETs provide lower conduction loss and higher frequency.

The new devices surpass existing competitive SiC MOSFET performance whether running cool (25C) or hot (125C) and offer the lowest integral diode Vwith excellent reverse recovery delivering low dead-time losses and increased efficiency. These FETs offer more designer headroom and reduced design constraints and their higher VDS rating makes them suitable to be used in 400/500V bus voltage applications. The fourth-generation FETs offer compatible gate drives of +/-20V, 5V Vth, and can be driven with 0 to +12V gate voltages, which means these FETs can work with existing SiC MOSFET, Si IGBTs, and Si MOSFET gate drivers.

All devices are available from authorized distributors and the pricing (1000-up, FOB USA) for the new 750V Gen 4 SiC FETs range from $3.57 for the UJ4C075060K3S to $7.20 for the UJ4C075018K4S.

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