High-Performance 5nm Chipset with LTE Connectivity to Power Next Generation Wearables

Published  August 10, 2021   0
Exynos W920 Wearable Processor

Packed in the small form factor, the Exynos W920 wearable processor from Samsung Electronics offers high performance, efficiency, and LTE connectivity demanded by the next-generation wearable devices. Integrated with an LTE modem, this new processor from the company is built with an advanced 5-nanometer (nm) extreme ultra-violet (EUV) process node.

The Exynos W920 processor comes endowed with two Arm Cortex-A55 cores that ensure high-performing yet power-efficient processing. Moreover, the integrated Arm Mali-G68 GPU boasts improved CPU performance of around 20% and 10x times better graphics performance as compared to the existing solutions. The upgraded cores and improved performance leads to faster application launches and interactive eye-catching 3D graphical user interface (GUI) on a device’s qHD (960×540) display.

The Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging (FO-PLP) of the Exynos W920 processor allows smartwatches to house larger batteries or don sleeker designs. The technology incorporates the Exynos W920, power management IC (PMIC), LPDDR4, and embedded multimedia card (eMMC) in the same package using System-in-Package-embedded Package on Package (SiP-ePoP) configuration. 

Additionally, the Exynos W920 activates a dedicated low-power display processor, the Cortex-M55, reducing display power consumption under AOD mode compared to its previous Exynos model. The device is embedded with a 4G LTE Cat.4 modem as well as a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) L1 for tracking speed, distance, and elevation during outdoor activities which enables this processor to let users enjoy seamless connected experiences on the go.