High Output Battery Module with Secondary Lithium-ion Battery for Uninterrupted Power Supply

Published  August 7, 2020   0
MH1701 FORTELION High Output Battery Module

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. has introduced the MH1701, a FORTELION high-output battery designed especially for industrial equipment requiring high output such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices and instantaneous voltage drop compensators. The FORTELINON is the Murata’s proprietary lithium-ion secondary battery which uses olivine-type lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material and combines long life with an exceptionally high level of safety.

The IoT (Internet of Things) industry progresses the need for stable power supply has increased in data centers and factories where precision equipment is manufactured. So they have started using UPS and Ancillary service that are equipped with lead-acid batteries despite their short battery life.

To address these drawbacks, Murata has developed this high output battery module that features FORTELION’s sophisticated input-output characteristics for a high level of safety, and longer battery life. FORTELION ensures high safety as it is less vulnerable to breakage and less likely to catch fire even if the impact is larger and it also maintains a reliable battery performance even under intense workloads. With a capacity of 15,000 charge-discharge cycles, the FORTELION comes with lithium-ion secondary batteries that are capable of 2,000 to 3,000 cycles, whereas the lead-acid battery can provide only 500 cycles.

The secondary battery module structure and circuit design allow continuous discharge from SOC 100% to 0% at 200A, this provides greater power output and acts as a more appropriate solution for short-time backup use or instantaneous voltage drop protection systems.