High Open Voltage Photovoltaic-Output Photocoupler in SO6L Package to Drive High-Voltage Power MOSFETs

Published  May 31, 2021   0
TLP3910 Photovoltaic-Output Photocoupler from Toshiba Electronics

Toshiba introduced a new photovoltaic-output photocoupler TLP3910 that consists of an infrared light-emitting diode optically coupled to a photodiode array. This new device is available in a thin SO6L package  and suitable for driving high-voltage power MOSFETs with a gate voltage of 10V or higher used as an isolated solid-state relay (SSR).

TLP3910 is the first photovoltaic coupler that features a minimum isolation voltage of 5000Vrms and is suitable to be used in industrial equipment driven by AC400V systems. It is ideal for driving the gates of high-voltage power MOSFETs used as isolated solid-state relay (SSR) function. Its high-temperature operation of 125°C helps expand its scope of application. It has a minimum open voltage of 14V which is 2x times that of its predecessor, TLP3906. This means that only one TLP3910 is enough to drive the gate of a high-voltage power MOSFET and in reducing the component used in a system.

The TLP390 Photocoupler is ideal for industrial equipment such as relay contact output for I/O of programmable logic controllers and solenoid driver control parts of braking systems, main power supply circuits/inrush current protection circuits, battery voltage monitoring parts for battery management systems (BMS), and ground fault detection parts. Besides, it can also be used in measuring equipment such as power supply line switching and measuring line switching.