High Efficiency, Low Noise, and Low Ripple Buck Converters with Integrated Ferrite-Bead Compensations for High-Precision Converter Designs


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Texas' TPS62912 and TPS62913 DC/DC Switching Regulators

Texas Instruments has introduced the TPS62912 and TPS62913, a new family of low-noise DC/DC switching regulators that offers low noise of 20 µVRMS for frequencies ranging from 100 Hz to 100 kHz and an ultra-low output-voltage ripple of 10 µVRMS.

The new low-noise DC/DC switching regulators allow the designers to remove one or more low-dropout regulators (LDOs) from their designs and also to reduce power losses by up to 76% (1.8 W in analog front-end (AFE) designs and 1.5 W in designs using a wideband analog-to-digital converter), the designs that typically use a single LDO can save 36% of PCB space.

The new devices use integrated ferrite-bead compensation for effectively filtering high-frequency noise, reducing the power supply output voltage ripple by approximately 30 dB, and also for simplifying the power supply design.

With a 20% and 15% increase in efficiency, respectively the TPS62912 and TPS62913 provide rails with low noise and low ripple to preserve signal accuracy and integrity with a power-supply rejection ratio of 65 dB at up to 100 kHz. With an output-voltage error of less than 1%, the new buck converter family provides high output voltage accuracy. The 2-A TPS62912 and 3-A TPS62913 are available for purchase in a 2-mm-by-2-mm, 10-pin quad flat no-lead (QFN) package. Pricing starts at US$1.06 and US$1.16 respectively, in 1,000-unit quantities.

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