High-Efficiency Flyback Controller from Infineon for Fast Charging and other SMPS Applications


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XDPS21071 Flyback Controller IC

Infineon Technologies has introduced a new flyback controller IC to its XDP series of Digital Power controllers. This new controller IC, called XDPS21071 features zero-voltage switching (ZVS) on the primary side enabling it to provide high efficiency. The Controller is designed for fast charging applications such as USB-PD or Quick Chargers, the Light load efficiency of this IC is also optimized for the variable applications.

The XDPS21071 delivers high-performance with an integrated dual-MOSFET gate driver and a 600V depletion start-up unit. The primary-side controller drives a high-voltage external MOSFET in a flyback topology and an external low-voltage MOSFET to create a pulse for achieving ZVS condition at the high-voltage MOSFET. It supports fixed-frequency switching up to 140 kHz.

The forced-frequency-resonant switching scheme is implemented by a configurable digital algorithm to meet application requirements and the conversion efficiency of international regulatory standards. The intelligent, self-adaptive multi-mode operation matches each line/load conditions with the best-fit operational mode for unparalleled system performance, this simplifies the designing and system optimization processes and enables ZVS for lowest switching losses.

The highest system performance is achieved by only a minimal adder in BOM cost. This Controller comes with adaptive overcurrent protection, and it is lead-free and RoHS compliant. The XDPS21071 in the DSO-12 SMD package is now available. For more information on XDPS21071, visit the official website of Infineon Technologies.

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