High Current 900A TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 for Industrial Drive Applications

Published  December 20, 2019   0
Infineon High Current 900A TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 Module

Infineon Technologies has introduced the new IGBT 7 (FF900R12ME7_B11) module for industrial drive applications and other applications like commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles, servo drives and solar and UPS inverters. The 1200V IGBT module provides a leading nominal current of 900A, which delivers a 30% higher inverter output compared to the former technology of the same frame size.

Features of FF900R12ME7_B11 IGBT

  • On-state voltage is reduced by up to 30 percent of the same chip area
  • Performs with much lower static losses compared to the IGBT4
  • Significant loss reduction
  • Improved oscillation behavior and controllability
  • The maximum allowed overload junction temperature of 175°C
  • Optimized freewheeling diode
  • Optimized creepage distance for 1500 V PV applications
  • Integrated NTC temperature sensor
  • Compact and robust design with molded terminals

The forward voltage drop of the emitter controlled 7th generation diode (EC7) is now 100mV lower than the forward voltage drop of the EC4 diode, with a reduced oscillation tendency during diode turn-off. The EcocnoDUAL 3 simplifies the inverter design and lowers the overall cost, as it has a higher power density which helps in avoiding paralleling of modules.  The module comes with improved housing for handling higher current and temperature that can be used in the same footprint of the existing inverter system design.

It is available with pre-applied thermal interface material (TIM) for the lowest thermal resistance and longest lifetime. The PressFIT housing enables a fast and cost-efficient assembly. The lead type FF900R12ME7_B11 can be ordered now. For more information, visit the product page of IGBT 7 on the official website of Infineon Technologies.