Espressif Sets the Pace with Bluetooth Mesh Protocol 1.1 Support

Published  September 20, 2023   0
S Staff
Bluetooth Mesh Protocol 1.1

Espressif Systems just announced the latest Bluetooth Mesh Protocol 1.1 supports for its proprietary Bluetooth Mesh protocol stack – ESP BLE MESH. Espressif is one of the first companies to offer support for this update prior to its formal release by Bluetooth SIG. Any IoT device uses ESP-BLE-MESH can communicate and collaborate with different types of standard Bluetooth Mesh devices from different manufacturers. Espressif was acknowledged by the Bluetooth SIG for its important contribution to the Mesh Profile Enhancement with CBP, ENH, EPA, PRB, and SBR improvements. Espressif has been actively involved in encouraging the promoting the development and implementation of SIG standards.

The new Bluetooth Mesh 1.1 introduces several new features over its previous generation. One of its standout features is the "Directed Forwarding" mechanism, which offers a more efficient routing system, reducing network congestion. Furthermore, the "Remote Provisioning" feature simplifies the network expansion process, eliminating the need to move devices physically closer for provisioning. The introduction of the Subnet Bridge facilitates communication between nodes from different subnets, paving the way for larger and more intricate mesh networks. With enhanced security measures like Certificate-Based Provisioning (CBP) and Enhanced Provisioning Authentication (EPA), Bluetooth Mesh 1.1 ensures a safer networking environment. Espressif's dedication to advancing Bluetooth technology highlights its place as one of the top contenders in the IoT domain, consistently innovating and setting new standards for the industry.