Espressif Launches ESP ZeroCode: Streamlining IoT Firmware Development Without Coding

Published  August 24, 2023   0
S Staff
Espressif ESP ZeroCode

Espressif has introduced the ESP ZeroCode Platform, an innovative web application aimed at simplifying the development of ESP microcontroller firmware compliant with the Matter standard. With ESP ZeroCode, users can effortlessly create, customize, and test firmware for IoT devices, all within their web browser, without the need for any programming. By describing their desired product features and hardware configuration, users can instantly generate firmware, which can be tried out on physical hardware. This intuitive process allows for seamless iterations, enabling users to refine their designs. Moreover, the platform streamlines the certification process by facilitating the submission of Matter-compliant products for approval.

Chirag Atal of Espressif emphasizes the transformative nature of ESP ZeroCode: "You can instantly try out the generated firmware on the physical hardware. If you don’t like something, you go back and tweak it all you want. This is truly a magical experience." The platform not only covers development but also extends to device maintenance. Espressif commits to maintaining firmware updates and security fixes, ensuring the ongoing security and Matter compatibility of devices developed through ESP ZeroCode. Furthermore, the platform simplifies manufacturing by pre-flashing bulk-ordered devices with customized firmware, including unique configurations like Device Attestation Certificates and device identifiers.

ESP ZeroCode Flowchart

At launch, ESP ZeroCode supports various Matter-compatible device types such as smart lighting, wall sockets, and blind controllers. It offers connectivity options through Wi-Fi or IEEE 802.15.4 Thread networks, with plans to expand its support to additional device features and types in the future. Interested users can explore ESP ZeroCode on the official website, creating and testing firmware before placing volume orders for modules. With this user-friendly platform, Espressif aims to revolutionize the IoT development landscape, empowering creators to materialize their ideas without the barrier of coding complexities.