DIY Mini TV Project Using ESP32

Published  June 30, 2023   0
S Staff
ESP32 Mini TV

In an exciting and educational video, a talented maker guides viewers through the process of building a mini TV using an ESP32 microcontroller on a breadboard. The project showcases the integration of various components, such as an ESP32 dev kit, TFT screen, amplifier breakout board, Micro SD card reader, buttons, LED light, speaker, charge controller, battery, and an on/off switch. The creator also shows a custom PCB board for the project.

ESP32 based Mini TV

The DIY mini TV project involves meticulously connecting components, such as the micro SD card reader, TFT screen, and amplifier breakout board. Each pin is carefully linked to the corresponding IO pin on the ESP32 microcontroller, and the speaker is connected to complete the physical setup. The maker then shares their GitHub repository, granting viewers access to the project code and necessary libraries. They provide step-by-step instructions on configuring the Arduino IDE for ESP32 development, including the installation of the ESP32 board package. Essential libraries like Adafruit GFX, JPEG DC Library, and Arduino lib Helix are also installed for seamless operation.

In addition, the project necessitates converting video and audio files into a compatible format for the ESP32 microcontroller using the ffmpeg command-line tool. The maker demonstrates how to convert video and audio files separately, resulting in an MPEG video file and an AC3 audio file. Viewers are then guided on copying the converted files to a micro SD card, emphasizing the importance of formatting the card in FAT32. Finally, the maker updates the code in the Arduino IDE to specify the filenames of the video and audio files and proceeds to upload the code to the ESP32 device, successfully concluding the project. Throughout the process, the maker highlights the significance of thorough wiring checks and mentions future plans for improvements, such as designing a custom PCB board based on lessons learned during the initial build.

Overall, this video provides an engaging and informative walkthrough of creating a mini TV using an ESP32 microcontroller. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced maker, this project offers valuable insights and inspiration for future electronic endeavors.