DIY Hyperloop Model Revolutionizes Speed Records

Published  September 5, 2023   0
S Staff
DIY Hyperloop Model

This remarkable endeavor involves the creation of a functional hyperloop model that shattered previous speed records, thanks to the ingenious efforts of a skilled engineer with a channel named ProjectAir on YouTube.

The project began as a simple curiosity - how fast could a scaled-down train travel using the power of pneumatics and air pressure? However, as the engineer delved deeper into the concept, things quickly escalated. The initial idea transformed into a vacuum-powered hyperloop, where air pressure and magnetic couplings were used to propel a specially designed train inside a sealed tube. The concept itself hails from an older notion, but advancements in technology and the maker's relentless determination breathed new life into it.

Flight Rail in California

To refine the design, the engineer drew inspiration from companies such as Flight Rail in California, who were already working on similar vacuum-powered train concepts. A trip to their facility provided valuable insights into magnetic couplings, tube sealing, and train control mechanisms.

train transitioned over tube joints

The journey from concept to accomplishment was not without its share of challenges. The maker encountered friction issues between the thrust carriage and the tube, which hindered smooth movement. The magnetic coupling also proved tricky, often disconnecting as the train transitioned over tube joints. The solution came in the form of redesigning the thrust carriage, experimenting with magnet configurations, and tweaking the tube's dimensions to strike the right balance between efficiency and airtightness.

DIY transportation innovation

The final result was awe-inspiring - a scaled-down hyperloop that achieved a breathtaking 848 miles per hour during testing, setting an unmatched standard for DIY transportation innovation.