Digital, single-stage quasi-resonant flyback controller for LED drivers

Published  August 5, 2019   0
Digital, single-stage quasi-resonant flyback controller for LED drivers

Infineon Technologies launched a new LED driver IC XDPL8210 to its XDP portfolio which is a constant current flyback IC integrates a high power factor and primary-side regulation. The XDPL8210 provides outstanding functional performance for efficient designs and low bill-of-material (BOM) for small system cost and high flexibility. The XDPL8210 LED Driver IC features excellent reliability for a long driver lifetime and the built-in features enable fast design cycles with little design efforts for advanced products. These features make it suitable for innovative cost-effective, constant current, single-stage driver designs.


The XDPL8210 comes with a digital core similar to the XDPL family of LED driver ICs which supports a wide range of LED driver products with the same hardware design improving the supply chain efficiency by reduced efforts and cost for stock keeping. The new XDPL8210 LED Driver ICs utilises a PWM dimming input signal and successfully modulates the output current amplitude proportional to the duty cycle. Also, the XDPL8210’s dim-to-off mode offers a standby power of less than 100 mW.


The XDPL8210 LED Driver IC supports the IEC61000-3-2 class C standard making it well-suited for contemporary LED luminaires. The limited power mode of IC improves functional safety and flicker-free dimming below one percent is achieved with sophisticated algorithms. So, even at low dimming levels, the XDPL8210 achieves outstanding light quality. Also, the XDPL8210 offers a set of comprehensive and configurable protection modes which ensures advanced product quality along with safe and robust operation. The XDPL8210 uses an adaptive temperature guard that protects the driver hardware from thermal wear out. The adaptive overvoltage protection adds lower safety margins to meet safety extra low voltage (SELV) specifications.


The XDPL8210 LED Driver IC comes in DSO-8 package and is available for order from Infineon.