Compact LDO Regulators Offer High Ripple Rejection Ratio for Enhanced Power Stabilization in Smartphones and Wearable Devices

Published  March 4, 2021   0
Toshiba's TCR5RG series of 45 LDO Regulators

The new TCR5RG series of 45 LDO regulators from Toshiba is housed in a thin and compact WCSP4F package and offers a high ripple rejection ratio of 100dB (typ.) for enhanced power stabilization to DC power lines in mobile devices. These new regulators combine a wide-gap circuit, a low-pass filter that allows only extremely low frequencies to pass, and a low-noise, high-speed operational amplifier thereby resulting in a high ripple rejection ratio.

Besides, the TCR5RG series regulators feature low output voltage noise and high output voltage accuracy. Measuring 0.645mm x 0.645mm, these regulators are suitable for power line applications in cameras and small devices such as smartphones and wearable devices requiring high-density mounting. The line-up includes 45 products with a maximum output current of 500mA, and output voltages in the range of 0.9V to 5.0V enabling users to select the output voltage best suited to their application.

Features of TCR5RG series of 45 LDO Regulators

  • High ripple rejection ratio : R.R.=100dB (typ.) @f=1kHz
  • Low output noise voltage: VNO=5μVrms (typ.) @10Hzf100kHz
  • High output voltage accuracy : VOUT min/max= -1.5/1.5% @1.8VVOUT2.8V, Tj= -40 to 85°C and VOUT min/max= -1.8/1.8% @VOUT>2.8V, Tj= -40 to 85°C
  • Thin and compact WCSP4F package : 0.645×0.645mm (typ.), t=0.33mm (max)