Chassis and Board Mount, AC-DC Power Supply Products for Motorized Applications

Published  May 14, 2020   0
CUI's AC-DC Power Supply Boards

CUI has extended its portfolio of AC-DC product family with the introduction of nine new power supply series. The PSK-S12B, PSK-S25B, PSK-S60B, VOF-S12B, VOF-S25B, VOF-S60B, VOF-S12C, VOF-S25C, and VOF-S60C can deliver continuous power of 12 to 60W in chassis and board mount package. The PSK-S12B/S25B/S60B, VOF-S12B/S25B/S60B, and VOF-S12C/S25C/S60C comply with UL/EN/IEC 62368-1. Among these devices, the PSK-S12B/S25B, VOF-S12B/S25B, and VOF-S12C/S25C are designed especially to meet the UL/EN/IEC 60335-1 household standard. The new AC-DC power supplies have been designed for a wide range of consumer, industrial, and ITE applications.

The PSK-S25B, PSK-S60B, VOF-S25B, and VOF-S60B has an optional Power Boost feature that can act as an ideal solution for applications utilizing motors or pumps. The power boost feature provides twice the rated power for a maximum of 10 seconds to move the motors and pumps that require more force. Doubling the rated current allows the ac-dc product to support large transient loads, hence one can design a device that achieves nominal rather than peak power. To know more about the PSK-S12BPSK-S25BPSK-S60BVOF-S12BVOF-S25BVOF-S60BVOF-S12CVOF-S25C and VOF-S60C, visit the respective product page of CUI.