Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter for Energy Storage Systems with Rechargeable Batteries


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EZA2500W-32048 Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter

TDK Corporation has introduced the EZA2500W-32048 bi-directional DC-DC converter model to its EZA series, which is designed for an energy storage system with rechargeable batteries. The new 2500W converter is digitally controlled and the compact U1 power supply can change the conversion direction from high voltage DC sources, powered by solar or wind to 48Vdc batteries and vice versa.

EZA2500 can cover a higher voltage range from 260 to 400Vdc and lower voltage range from 36 to 65Vdc and it operates at a temperature range of -10 to +50°C. The Double-sided protective board coating and long-life dust resistant fans are included in the device. The device is suitable for applications including lithium-ion battery testing as well as in the use of regenerated energy from robots, cranes, autonomous ground vehicles, and lifts.

The EZA2500 can replace large power resistors that are currently used for lift braking and use that previously dissipated energy to charge batteries. The stored energy can be used to either provide peak power for high torque demands or as battery back-up for power cuts. The RS-485 communications port can be used to program and monitor the output voltage and current, it also allows us to operate multiple units in parallel with the help of the interface to set up units for “drop mode” current share.

The High voltage (grid) to low voltage (battery) isolation is 3,000Vac, grid to ground 2,000Vac and battery to ground 500Vac. The dimensions for the EZA2500 are 43.6mm (1U) high, 423mm wide and 400mm deep. For more information about the EZA2500, visit the official product page.

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