Beepberry - The Ultimate Portable Hacking Gadget with an E-Paper Display

Published  June 8, 2023   0
S Staff

There is a new hacking gadget in the community – the Beepberry. At the core of Beepberry's functionality lies its compatibility with 15+ chat networks, making it the ultimate hackable device for communication enthusiasts. Thanks to its integration with Matrix, a powerful communication protocol, Beepberry grants users the freedom to write alternative clients, create bots, and unlock a world of possibilities. Beepberry features a compact yet elegant design, boasting a beautiful high-contrast, high-resolution display with an ultra-low power Sharp Memory LCD measuring 2.7 inches and delivering a resolution of 400 x 240. The device also offers a tactile keyboard accompanied by a touchpad, providing users with a comfortable and intuitive typing experience. Powering the Beepberry is the renowned Raspberry Pi Zero W, or any other compatible single-board computer (SBC), ensuring optimal performance for both chat functionality and running Linux applications. This impressive devkit not only caters to communication needs but also doubles as a fully hackable handheld cyberdeck. With Beepberry, hackers can explore the vast realm of Linux applications that are compatible with Raspberry Pi. The device opens up possibilities for running various Linux-based programs and unleashing one's creativity in the hacking world.

Beepberry Schematic

Let's take a glance at some of Beepberry's key specifications: it features open-source hardware and software, including a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a compatible low-profile header, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless communication. The inclusion of a tactile keyboard with backlighting and a touchpad ensures effortless navigation and convenient input. Additionally, an onboard RP2040 controller facilitates keyboard and peripheral control, while the programmable RGB LED and side button provide customizable notifications. Beepberry also offers GPIO breakout, USB-C programming, and charging capabilities, along with a 2000mAh LiPo battery, while the user supplies their own micro-SD card. It's important to note that Beepberry is not a finished product; it is a devkit tailored to hackers and tech enthusiasts. Familiarity with Linux is a prerequisite to fully maximize the device's potential. While it does not come with a case, users have the option to 3D print one according to their preferences. Additionally, configuring and setting up the software is required, as Beepberry offers an experience that prioritizes customization and individuality over perfection.

With Beepberry, the possibilities for hacking and customization are endless. The creators have even developed a skinned version of gomuks, a command-line interface (CLI) Matrix client, optimized specifically for the Beepberry's e-paper screen. Moreover, the device allows for expansion through USB ports or GPIO, enabling users to incorporate additional components such as an LTE modem or LoRA, further enhancing its capabilities. Beepberry is now available for pre-order at an affordable price of $79. This innovative gadget promises to revolutionize communication and hacking, empowering individuals to stay connected while embarking on exciting hacking endeavours. Embrace the world of Beepberry and witness the potential it holds for a new generation of tech enthusiasts and hackers.