B2568 Series of Robust Power Capacitors for DC Link


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B2568 Series of Robust Power Capacitors for DC Link

TDK Corporation has introduced B2568, a series of EPCOS MKP DC link power capacitors that can provide outstanding robustness under harsh environmental conditions. These capacitors are designed for operating within the voltage range of 900V to 3000 V DC and have a capacitance ranging from 50 to 4000µF. Depending on the type, the capacitors are dimensioned for current of up to 100A and has the ESL values range from 35 to 80nH, the capacitors with a less ESL value of 20nH is also available on request.


Due to the polyurethane filling the winding has high mechanical stability within the hermetically sealed can. The capacitors comply with the climate class C and pass a THB (Temperature, Humidity & Bias) test at 85°C, 85% relative humidity with a rated voltage applied for 1000 hours. The condensation up to a certain level on the capacitor is also possible during its operation and it meets all the requirements concerning fire protection in rail vehicles according to EN 45545. Their high robustness and high voltage rating make these capacitors best suitable for IGBT based converters in traction application and medium voltage drivers.


Features of B2568 Film Capacitors:


  • Voltage ranges from 900 to 3000 V DC
  • Capacitances from 50 to 4000 µF
  • Hermetically sealed design
  • Fire protection according to EN 45545

More information about the capacitor can be found in the product page on the official website of TDK Electronics.

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