Automotive Qualified ESD Protection devices with High Signal Integrity, Low Clamping voltage, and High Surge Robustness

Published  September 16, 2020   0
AEC-Q101-Qualified TrEOS ESD Protection Device

Nexperia has introduced four new AEC-Q101-qualified TrEOS ESD protection devices for automotive use. The new TrEOS components can withstand high temperatures up to 175°C, and they combine extremely low capacitance for high signal integrity, extremely low clamping, and high robustness for modern automotive interfaces.

The capacitance of the device is kept low as 0.5pF and the clamping voltage is just 3V, these devices can also withstand surge and ESD pulses up to 10A 8/20 µs. Available in the SOT23 package, the TrEOS ESD protection devices are suitable to be used in automotive applications such as infotainment, multimedia, and ADAS systems featuring USB 3.2, HDMI, LVDS, SerDes, and SD-card interfaces.