New Arm Cortex M0 MCU NUC029 Series by Nuvoton for Industrial Control Applications


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New Arm Cortex M0 MCU NUC029 Series by Nuvoton for Industrial Control Applications

Nuvoton released new NuMicro NUC029 series of Cortex M0 32-bit Microcontroller to improve the industrial control applications. The NuMicro NUC029 has 12 members including value line such as NUC029FAE/TAN/ZAN/NAN/LAN, rich peripheral and high speed PWM members such as NUC029LDE/SDE, high performance members with 256 KB flash/20 KB SRAM such as NUC029LGE/SGE/KGE and the new crystal-less members such as NUC029LEE/SEE. NuMicro series comes with different package types such as TSSOP20 (4.4mm x 6.5mm), LQFP48 (7mm x 7mm) to LQFP64 (7mm x 7mm) and LQFP128(14mm x 14mm), QFN33(4mm x 4mm), QFN33(5mm x 5mm), QFN48(7mm x 7mm).


The NuMicro NUC029 series operates with a wide range of voltages between 2.5V-5.5V with built-in VAI (Voltage Adjustable Interface), provides robust noise immunity and strong ESD robustless (EFT 4.4 kV/ESD HBM 7kV). It operates in different industrial grade temperature range from -400C to +1050C. The NuMicro NUC029 series supports high-precision internal RC oscillation(22.1184MHz ± 2%) and the frequency deviation can further be reduced within ±0.25% by the aid of automatic calibration using external crystal (32.768KHz) in full temperature and voltage range. In addition to this, it also integrates with fast calculation, stability, connectivity and reliability functions which are well suited for applications areas such as industrial control applications, automation system, surveillance and digital power supply systems.


The NuMicro NUC029 series supports latest peripherals such as 8 sets of UARTs, 5 sets of SPI, 5 sets of I2C, high-resolution 144 MHz PWM, hardware divider, multiplier, Analog comparators,  1MSPS ADC, built-in pulse acquisition to save microcontroller computing power. In addition to this it also comes with security features offering 96-bit UID (Unique Identification) and 128-bit UCID (Unique Customer Identification).


Click here for more information on Nuvoton’s NuMicro NUC029 series.

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