Advanced Electrothermal MOSFET Models enable Investigation of EMC Performance even Before Prototyping

Published  March 25, 2022   0
Advanced Electrothermal MOSFET Models

Nexperia has announced the release of enhanced Electrothermal models that capture the thermal interdependency of the complete set of device parameters right across the full operating temperature range from -55 °C to 175 °C. These new devices enable engineers to create an accurate circuit and system-level simulations and assess the electrical, thermal, and EMC performance before committing to build a prototype. The company developed these models in close partnership with a Tier 1 OEM whose requirements could not be satisfied by any others currently available.

These models help in saving time and resources because engineers, who were previously required to ensure that their designs could operate under (unlikely) worst-case conditions, can now simulate their designs across specific temperatures ranges. Moreover, overall accuracy is further enhanced by the inclusion of reverse diode recovery time and device electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance in these advanced models.

These advanced electrothermal models are the latest in the series of next-generation support tools and will be released in the coming months.