650V TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT6 for small motor drives up to 1kW


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Infineon Technologies introduces the next generation TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT6 for small motor drives up to 1 kW. With a 650 V blocking voltage these devices are intended for specific applications requiring greater efficiency, long lifetime and high reliability, such as home appliances, industrial sewing machines and general purpose drives which can be found in e.g. fans, pumps and other BLDC motors.


The trench and field-stop technology co-packed with a soft, fast recovery anti-parallel Rapid 1 diode ensures reduced losses. The IGBT which is an important building block for motor drives up to 1 kW features good thermal performance, especially at higher switching frequencies improving reliability and design margin. Key features of this 650V TRENCHSTOP IGBT6 are very low V CE(sat) and V f as well as a short-circuit protection capability of 3 μsec. In addition, it is optimized for switching frequencies ranging between 5 kHz and 30 kHz and suitable for applications that need to control the EMI noise efficiently.

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