650V CFD7 series MOSFETs for Electric Vehicle Applications with peak efficiency of 98.4%


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650V CFD7 Series MOSFET

Infineon Technologies introduced the CoolMOS CFD7A series, silicon-based high-performance products that can be used in both the PFA and the DC-DC stage of on-board charger systems and HV-LV DC-DC converters that are designed for electric vehicle applications. These new devices are compatible with system voltages up to 475VDC and deliver peak efficiency of up to 98.4% because of the Kelvin-source concept.

The CFD7A devices have an intrinsic fast body diode and a broad portfolio line-up in TO and SMD packages, this makes them suitable for PFC and DC-DC stages. The product family can reach higher frequencies with low gate losses, hence they are more power-dense and have a compact design. The new CoolMOS technology platform has been designed to meet the needs of a rough automotive environment, especially in terms of cosmic radiation and design robustness. The 650 V CoolMOS CFD7A can deliver enhanced efficiency, excellent thermal behavior, and extended creepage distances when it is combined with the D²PAK 7-pin package.

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