500W Step-Down DC/DC Buck Converters in 1/16 Brick Pinout Package for Increased Efficiency in Industrial and Portable Battery-Powered Applications


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i7A Series 500W Step-Down DC/DC Buck Converters

TDKCorporation has introduced a new compact and efficient i7A series of 33A 500W rated non-isolated DC/DC converters in a 1/16th brick pinout package for industrial and battery-powered applications. These new converters come with an output adjustment of 3.3V to 24V and can accept a wide range input voltage of 18 to 60V. The devices can be used to derive additional high-power outputs from a 24V, 36V, or 48V DC power supply at a low cost.

The operating efficiencies of these non-isolated converters are up to 98%. This helps in minimizing power losses and allows operation in harsh ambient temperatures of -40°C to +125°C even under low airflow conditions. The compact design of these converters enables them to provide a low output ripple and excellent response to dynamic loads.

 Measuring 34 mm x 36.8 mm, these compact converters help in reducing the number of required external components, thereby saving cost and board space. An output voltage adjustment trim pin, + remote sense, remote on-off (positive or negative logic), input under-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature protection are the additional features of these converters.

These new converters come in three different mechanical configurations. The 11.5 mm high open-frame model is suitable for applications requiring a very low profile. A baseplate version for conduction cooling to a cold plate is 12.7 mm high, or models with an integral heatsink for convection or forced air cooling are 24.9 mm high.

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