40A SWIFT DC/DC Buck Converter for High Current FPGA and Processor Power Supplies


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40A SWIFT DC/DC Buck Converter

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced, a 40A SWIFT DC/DC buck converter TPS546D24A, which can deliver up to 160A of output current at 85°C ambient temperature. This new converter provides stackability of up to four ICs with higher efficiency than any other 40A DC/DC converter, this allows the engineers to design systems to deliver up to 160A of output current and also reduce the power loss by 1.5 W in the high-performance data center and enterprise computing, medical wireless infrastructure, and wired networking applications.

TPS546D24A offers a switching frequency of 1.5MHz that allows the engineers to drive 40A of current per IC while reducing inductance and capacitance by one third in a smaller footprint of power when compared with the similar products. The converter has been designed with the 0.9mΩ low-side MOSFET, this helps the device to achieve 3.5% higher efficiency than the competing DC/DC buck converters even at high switching frequencies.

TPS546D24A manages to address both solution size and thermal performance with its unique stackability. It consists of a PMBus interface that offers a selectable internal compensation network that allows the engineers to eliminate almost six external compensation components to shrink the overall power supply solution size more than 10% for higher current FPGA/ application-specific ICs (ASICs) than the discrete multiphase controllers.

The TPS546D24A makes it easier for engineers to meet these rigorous voltage tolerance requirements by offering an output voltage error of less than 1%. The PMBus command set and pin-strapping allow engineers to monitor current accurately for fault reporting and to avoid over-design. Apart from this TPS546D24A achieves a low thermal resistance of 8.1°C per watt and runs  13°C cooler than other DC/DC converters for improved reliability in electronics that operate in hot, harsh environment such as baseband units and automated test equipment.

The TPS546D24A is now available from TI and authorized distributors in a 5-mm-by-7-mm, 40-pin quad flat no-lead (QFN) package. Pricing starts at US$4.27 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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