250W DC/DC Resonant Converter to Speed up Efficient Power-Conversion in Industrial Applications using MasterGaN1

Published  May 14, 2021   0
EVLMG1-250WLLC Converter

STMicroelectronics’ EVLMG1-250WLLC is a 250W DC/DC resonant converter that is suitable for industrial applications using MasterGaN1. The device comes with a 100mm x 60mm board outline and 35mm maximum component height, provides a 24V/10A output, and achieves maximum efficiency above 94%.

The EVLMG1-250WLLC reference design features MasterGaN1 that comprises one half-bridge STDRIVE gate driver optimally connected to two 650V normally-off GaN transistors with matched timing parameters, 150mΩ on-resistance (Rds(on)), and 10A maximum current rating. The logic inputs are compatible with signals from 3.3V to 15V. With MasterGaN’s integrated safety features, the output of the converter is protected against short circuits and overcurrent.

The brown-out protection and an input-voltage monitor of the device permit sequencing within an array of DC/DC converters and prevent the motor from starting under low-voltage conditions. The board has no heatsinks on the primary side and comes with reduced dimensions. Its power density is 20 W/inch^3. The high efficiency and small size of the board make it suitable for applications with limited space availability. The output power of the device can be up to 250 W at 24 Vdc.  

Key Features of EVLMG1-250WLLC Converter

  • High efficiency and compact solution for DC/DC conversion using MasterGaN1
  • Output voltage: 24 V
  • Output power up to 250 W
  • Nominal Input voltage: 400 V +/- 10%
  • Efficiency: >92%
  • Outputs protected against short-circuit and overcurrent
  • Input voltage monitor for correct sequencing as D2D converter, and brownout protection
  • Board size: 100 x 60 (W x H) mm. Maximum components height: 35 mm
  • WEEE and RoHS compliant
  • Applications: industrial DC-DC applications, adapters, consumer SMPS