0.01µF capacitor

i 'm a newbie to electronics so need a little help/advice. i'm trying to follow Dilip Raja excellent article/project

he very kindly list the components required. However when i search 'ebay' (maybe not the best source, some of you might comment) for

a 0.01µF capacitor it lists them with various voltages from 10v to 400v  so i'm asking which or what one should i buy

Thanks in advance

When selecting the value of voltage for capacitor, one rule of thumb is that the voltage should be greater than the voltage that will appear across the capacitor.

In your project the maximum operating voltage is 5V I suppose. So you do not have to worry about the voltage of the capacitor just buy the cheapest one possible. 10V will also work just fine 

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Tuesday at 12:29 AM