Abhijeet Kumar

Abhijeet Kumar
Project Idea

The project is basically to detect electricity theft from the electricity meters used in households and the commercial sector. Two energy monitoring meters were used in this system, one for the distribution line and another for the consumer side. The system consists of a master meter and one or multiple slave meters connected together with the help of a network. Whenever the distribution line load reading does not match the consumer side readings; that means there is some kind of power leakage in between the distribution and consumer line, which leads to differences in energy readings, and theft will be detected. When the theft occurs, a notification will be sent to the app and consumer-side power will be cut off. The data send to the Blynk Application Dashboard and display's the Voltage, Current, Power & total unit consumed in kWh with a theft detection alert.

Project Used Hardware :

ESP32, ACS712 current sensor module, ZMPT101B voltage sensor module, Relay module, Connection Wires.

Project Hardware and Software Selection :

I need to select the current sensor as well as the voltage sensor so that the current & voltage can be measured and thus I can know about the power consumption & total power consumed for theft detection with the help of ESP32 and IoT Blynk platform.

ESP32: ESP32 microcontroller module offers a built-in Wi-Fi feature which is ideal for IoT projects since the project is based on the same.

ZMPT101B: ZMPT101B is a high-precision voltage Transformer I use to measure the accurate AC voltage.

ACS712: ACS712 is a fully integrated, hall effect-based linear current sensor used to measure the alternating current in this project.

Relay Module: The relay module is used as a switch for the mains power line. It is controlled by ESP32, when theft is detected, the relay activates and cuts the mains power.

Working :

Consumer side meter Schematics same for the Distribution side except for Relay (only use on the consumer side). Current Sensor & ZMPT101B Voltage Sensor VCC is connected to Vin of ESP32 which is a 5V Supply. The GND pin of both modules is connected to the GND of ESP32. The output analog pin of the ZMPT101B Voltage Sensor and Current Sensor is connected to ESP32. The voltage sensor is connected in parallel with mains and the Current Sensor in series, also the relay as a switch for the output.
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Bihar Bal Bhawan Kilkari
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Bihar Bal Bhawan Kilkari
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