The field of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is evolving rapidly that it is sure to change the lifestyle of mankind in near future. Robots are thought to understand and interact with the real world through sensors and machine learning processing. Image recognition is one of the popular way in which the robots are thought to understand objects by looking at the real world through a camera just like we do.

In today’s modern world, where ever we go we have lots of electronic devices around us. But, out of all, there is only one device that we personally have in our pockets all the time. Yes, it is our mobile phones. Now Mobile phones have become more than a device used for communication, they are our cameras, they are our maps, they are our shopping karts and what not?

CNC Machines are Computerized Numerical Control Machines which are used to draw anything or design any mechanical part according to the design program fed into their controller unit. Controller unit can be either computer or microcontroller. CNC machines have stepper and servo motors to draw the design as per the fed program.

Ever wanted to build a Face Tracking Robotic Arm or Robot by simply using Arduino and not any other programming like OpenCV, visual basics C# etc? Then read along, in this project we are going to implement face detection by blending in the power of Arduino and Android. In this project, the mobile camera will move along with your face with the help of servos.

An earthquake is an unpredictable natural disaster that causes damage to lives and property. It happens suddenly and we cannot stop it but we can be alerted from it. In today’s time, there are many technologies which can be used to detect the small shakes and knocks, so that we can take precautions prior to some major vibrations in earth. Here we are using Accelerometer ADXL335 to detect the pre-earthquake vibrations.

Welcome to another project in which we will build a small Robot which can walk and dance. The project aims in teaching you how to make small hobby robots using Arduino and how to program your Servo motors for such applications. At the end of the project you will be able to make this walking and dancing robot that takes command from an Android Mobile Phone to perform some pre-defined actions.

This is a very interesting project in which we are going to learn how to implement virtual reality using Arduino and Processing. For most of us, the movie Iron man by Jon Favreau has always been an inspiration to build new things that will make our life easy and more fun. I have personally admired the Techs that are shown in the movie and have always wanted to build something similar to that.

This is an interesting project in which we explore the power of an Arduino and Android to create a Surveillance device which uses Arduino and Ultra Sonic Sensor to broadcast the information to a mobile application (Android) using Bluetooth.

Creating a Local Network to share personnel and confidential data's has become almost impossible for a common man in our modern world. This is mainly because all common chat methods like Whatsapp, Facebook, Hangout and almost everything involves an internet connection.

What if, we could share data without the medium of Internet?

How cool it would be if you could communicate with people inside your home or work place without a net pack or Internet Connection?