DIY Arduino Based Pokemon Go Safety Badge


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Pokemon Go has been released recently by Nintendo and it became extremely popular in very less time. People have gone crazy to catch Pokemon and this craziness sometimes leads to accidents, while running to catch the Pokemon. Even some Insurance companies offered free insurance for the people who gets injured while Playing Pokemon Go. So if you are also a fan of Pokemon Go, then this Pokemon Go Safety Badge can be very useful for you.

This DIY Pokemon Go Safety Badge is very easy and can be built in just 5 minutes. This Safety Badge will alert you by vibration, if you are unknowingly going to hit any object or person, while running to catch a Pokemon, watching through the Mobile Camera lens. This device seems to be very useful for the crazy fans of Pokemon Go, who forget about the surroundings, and running on the roads with traffic to catch the Pokemon.


This Safety device just using four components which is Ultrasonic Sensor, tiny Vibration Motor, Grove Joint and a 3.7 Lithium Polymer battery. Ultrasonic sensor detects any obstacle in the front, and then Grove Joint reads the Ultrasonic Sensor and sends the signal to vibrate the motor. This vibration alerts the person, playing Pokemon Game, and avoids any accident.

We can adjust the sensitivity of this Safety badge by adjusting the Ultrasonic sensor, it can sense the object from the distance of 3cm to 4meter. Currently it has been set at 1 meter in the Code.

Groove Joint is a Arduino based controller and the Code can be uploaded to it using the same Arduino IDE. Any Arduino UNO based board can be used here, only requirement is that it should be small in size and should consume less power, like Xadow Duino can also be used here. All the files and Code can be downloaded from here.


Finally all the electronics parts have been assembled in between two round shaped Polywood pieces, with some holes and cuts. Two holes are there on the front polywood piece for the Ultrasonic sensor, which looks like two ‘Eyes’ of the safety badge, for watching your ‘Front’.

Now you just need pin up the badge on your cloths and can play Pokemon Go with safety alert feature. You can further improve its design and can add more safety features like you can popup the safety notification on your Mobile phone itself, by using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth interfacing and proper coding.

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  • Vikash Ranjan's picture
    Vikash Ranjan
    Aug 04, 2016

    nice creation

  • Jane's picture
    Feb 19, 2017

    Can you link to some instructions for the pop up notifications you mention in the last paragraph? Thanks!

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