YouTuber Turns Pickup Truck into a Printer

Published  June 23, 2023   0
S Staff
Pickup into Printer

In an awe-inspiring project, a truck has been ingeniously converted into the world's largest dot matrix printer, captivating the community with its transformative capabilities. By utilizing solenoid valves attached to the back of the truck, this remarkable creation leaves an artistic mark on the streets, creating an unforgettable visual experience.

solenoid valves on printer truck

The project's foundation lies in precise spacing and attachment of the solenoid valves to the truck's framework. These valves release bursts of air onto the road surface, meticulously forming a dot matrix pattern. By coordinating the opening and closing of the valves, the printer can reproduce letters, numbers, or various patterns on an expansive scale.

The printing process is controlled by a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, which acts as the project's central control system. Users input their desired message, font, and speed through a website hosted on the Raspberry Pi. The text is converted into an image, and pixel-by-pixel analysis determines the valve activation. Dark areas trigger the valves to open, while lighter areas prompt them to close, resulting in the accurate reproduction of the desired text or pattern.

printer truck circuit

The truck's debut as a dot matrix printer has created a sense of wonder and excitement within the community. It breathes life into the streets, showcasing creative messages and captivating patterns.