XDPL8221 IC for Advanced, Smart and Connected LED Drivers


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XDPL8221 IC for Advanced, Smart and Connected LED Drivers

Infineon Technologies added a new member XDPL8221 led driver of its XDP LED driver series. The newly launched led driver comes with a comprehensive set of configurable protection mechanisms (standard and sophisticated) that ensure safe, reliable and robust LED driver for a large set of use cases. It also comes with advanced functions, such as multi control featuring constant voltage, constant current and limited power as configurable operating parameters that results in a versatile, high performance LED driver.


The led driver IC XDPL8221 supports full functionality for both AC and DC input in the nominal input voltage range of 100 V AC to 277 V AC or 127 V DC to 430 V DC.  Also, device combines a quasi-resonant PFC and a quasi-resonant flyback controller with primary side regulation together with a communication interface and is a cost effective dual-stage driver featuring advanced technologies. The IC offers a dim-to-off function to keep the device in a standby mode when the light is off with a low standby power (less than 100 mW, depending on driver design) which makes it fit for low power use applications.


While the current is still regulated, the driver IC can be dimmed flicker free below one percent.  The XDPL8221 comes with UART interface with a command set which helps to control functions of the device and provides status information. With the reduced bill of materials(BOM) and increased flexibility and with a wide tool support, it minimizes overall system cost and easy to design. The XDPL8221 comes in a DSO-16 package which accelerates the design cycle shortens time-to-market.

The samples of the new XDPL8221 is now available at Infineon official website.

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