WiSer: Simplifying Wireless Serial Communication

Published  December 26, 2023   0
S Staff
Wireless Serial Communication

Bitmerse, a leader in embedded development, has introduced Wiser, an open-source solution for wireless serial bridge. Wiser stands out for its seamless, driverless compatibility with a range of operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. One of Wiser's most notable features is its comprehensive support for standard and customized baud rates, extending up to 921600. It also accommodates various flow controls, parity types, and data bit widths, enhancing its versatility. A significant addition is the hardware DTR control pin, which simplifies the management of target devices. The developers at Bitmerse emphasize Wiser's user-friendliness. The device offers a straightforward, plug-and-play approach, effectively removing the intricacies associated with similar existing technologies. Functioning as a virtual cable, Wiser ensures a fluid and effortless user experience.

The Wiser has two hardware parts: Wiser-USB and Wiser-TTL. The Wiser -USB can be directly connected to the host system while the Wiser-TTL can be connected to the target device. Both the Wiser-USB and Wiser-TTL devices are built around the ESP32-S2FH4 SoC from Esperissif. It uses 2.4GHz wireless communication for the data transfer.  The inclusion of AES-CCMP encryption guarantees a secure data stream, free from external interference. 

Wireless Setup with WiSer

Bitmerse is gearing up for a crowd supply campaign to launch Wiser. They also pledge to release the complete hardware and software source code on their Github repository coinciding with the campaign. Wiser is offered in three variants: WS-UT-BM, WS-UT-EN, and WS-UU-EN. The WS-UT-BM package includes a WiSer-USB and a WiSer-TTL device with loose header pins. The WS-UT-EN comprises the same devices but with mounted header pins and enclosures. Lastly, the WS-UU-EN features two WiSer-USB devices, ideal for establishing a serial connection between two host systems.